Warm Weather Shipping

May 18, 2012

Just wanted to remind everyone that since the weather is warming up, anything containing chocolate we cannot guarantee over 80 degrees or if UPS leaves it sitting in the sun on your doorstep.  We don't want anybody getting a gooey mess of chocolate :)  Our Soft Peanut Butter Brittle ships without worry no matter what the temperature is!

Also, a reminder PLEASE, when you are in PayPal REVIEW your order before you complete it.  We want to make sure that your package is going to where it is actually supposed to be going to.  If you are having trouble finding where to enter the address you are shipping to, look above YOUR name and address on the "REVIEW YOUR INFORMATION" page.  There it should say SHIPPING ADDRESS with a little pencil and CHANGE in blue letters.  Click on this and then click on ADD A NEW ADDRESS.  We hope this helps with some of the confusion when it comes to shipping to somebody else.  If you are still having troubles please call 1-888-427-8885 and we would be happy to take your order over the phone.