December 12, 2018

Our customers are awesome!!  Just wanted to let everybody know that their orders are being processed.  We are working as fast as our hands will let us go and cooking as much as time will allow.  We are a couple of days behind on our shipping but looking to make that up this week and into the weekend (nothing like last year if you are among the dissapointed customers) As Christmas gets closer we will be paying attention to where the candy is going to make sure there is an ontime arrival for Christmas. 

RETAIL CUSTOMERS:  Please note that at anytime we could run out of things on our shelves.  We do our best to keep them stocked.  If you are wanting to make a larger purchase in-store please call the valley store ahead of time and place an order so we can make sure you get what you want without wiping our shelves out.  

If you want to see the craziness in person and see why our candy takes longer to get a hold of than the major chains, come out to the valley and see that we do not have any machines... We literally do everything by hand!

Thanks again for your continued support!!  We love to see the same returning faces and talk to the same people over the phone!